- BA Visual Communication / University of South Australia

PERSONAL RESEARCH - Continual research into social art trends

 - Research Study ‘ Is Aerosol Art ? ‘ 1998

- Research Study and Artwork Creation ‘ Malcolm X’ 1998

- Research Study and Artwork Creation ‘ The History of Pigeons and Society2009 -2018

- Continuing Research and Program Development  ‘Utilizing Creative Imagination in Building a        Successful CreativeCareer / Brand ‘ 

- Continuing Research ‘ Street Art’s Impact on the Living Street

- Continuing Research and Program Development ‘ Art as a Healing Tool '


- AFFILIATED ART SERIES 1 & 2 [Curator]  1999 - 2000

Group exhibition series of up and coming artists, some of 

whom become some of Adelaide’s most recognized names

- TS GALLERY [Owner / Operator]  2011 -2013

Currie St ADL SA 

-5000 GALLERY [Owner / Operator] 2009 - 2011

 Waymouth St Adelaide SA)Owner / Operator  Dedicated to street art featuring studios and a retail space. The 5000 Gallery committed itself to challenging public perception of the ‘art  gallery’, such as hosting ‘100 Bucksandrunnin’ collaboration show featuring 35 local artists.  

 The biggest innovation of 5000 Gallery was ‘Projectorbitions’ which  

featured artists collaboratively spray-painting an interior gallery 

wall, which was projected (live) 7 stories high outside.

-100BUCKS&RUNNIN’ SERIES 1/2/3/4 [Curator]  2007 – 2011

Group exhibition series for artists of all ages and backgrounds.  

Template character canvas’ were supplied which were customized, 

exhibited anonymously and all retailed at $100. The concept was to  

reduce the stigma attached to art shows and make it all about the  

work itself and not the names and investment opportunities.


- PEMBROKE SCHOOL  [Resident Artist} 2002  

A semester program introducing students to Aerosol Art and Design  

which resulted in an outdoor mural for the schools eating area.

- DISTIL [Art Installation] 2002 

Painted wall on the VIP level of the establishment

- THIS IS NOT ART FESTIVAL  [Resident Artist} 2003

Newcastle NSW AU

Feature Mural on major public wall painted over 7 days (Panthers Clubrooms) with  

selected aerosol artists representing each state of Australia as part  

of the Renew program

- SHOP 5 / LOTUS LABEL [Resident Artist}  2008 -2009

Shop front window decoration on numerous occasions plus a solo  

art show held in correspondence with the launch of Lotus’ summer 

collection 2009

- RHINO ROOM [Exhibitor} 2002 – 2009

 Multiple art shows (group and solo) plus mural installation inside 

and outside the premises

- AVALON GALLERY  [Resident Artist] 2007 -2008

Hindley St ADL SA AU

- MARBLE BAR [Art Installation] 2010

 Waymouth Street  ADL SA AU

- NIKE Adelaide [Art Installation] 2010

Painted live wall of the opening night which was installed into the  



Mural installation through the entire gallery and entrance plus  

participation in exhibitions as an artist and curator

- RED BULL WRECKERS YARD [State Champion] 2011

Elimination based Aerosol Art Freestyle Competition of SA

most recognized artists. Went on to compete for Australian titles (4th 


- CARCLEW [Exhibitor] 2011

‘Black x Gold’ affordable art exhibition with Sam Evans

- LONGVIEW WINERY SA  [Live Art] 2011

Mural painted on site as part of the Cold Krush festival at Longview  

winery, piece is still on display in their salesroom

- Northern Sound Centre Skate Park [Art Installation] 2011

(Elizabeth , S.A.)

- DOG N DUCK [Art Installation] 2012

 (Hindley St Adelaide SA) 

- TRADESHALL LANE [Art Installation] 2012

(Tradeshall Lane Adelaide SA)

- TARPARI PORT PIRIE [Art Installation] 2012

Introduction to Aerosol Art workshop with local indigenous students  

who created artworks for their school area

- THE GALLERY /CIBO [Art Installation] 2012

Waymouth St ADL SA AU

Radelaide Mural Artist of the which has since been sanctified by the Adelaide City Council

- OI YOU @ FESTIVAL CENTRE [Art Installation / Exhibitor] 2013

Installation piece inside Adelaide Festival Centre as part of the  

exhibition of The Shaw’s collection of BANKSY and other key 

 figures of the street art world. 

- ROYAL VISIT PLAYFORD SA [Art Installation]  2013

Aerosol Art demonstration / workshop with young artists as part of 

the Royal Australian Tour. Taught Prince William and Princess 

Catherine how to use the spray can and had them participate in the 

mural. My comments quoted over 30,000 times in international 

social and mainstream media 

-ADELAIDE FILM FESTIVAL [Art Installation] 2013

‘All This Mayhem’ Documentary' Painted Mural response  

- PARA HILLS [Art Installation] 2013

social project mentoring local young artists 

Tennis club commission painted 

- TROPCORP [Resident Artist] 2010 -2014 

Murals on several walls inside and exterior of the establishment 

-ADELAIDE FILM FESTIVAL [Art Installation] 2015

-‘Spear’ Painted Mural response 

- COLD KRUSH UNLEY [Curator / Exhibitor] 2015

Exhibition held in correspondence with LIFE WITHOUT BARRIERS.  

Artist / Mentor collaboration the LIVING ARTS PROGRAM

 - FOOTLOCKER / PUMA QLD [Art Installation / Live Art] 2015

Live art demonstration launching the 2016 range of Puma to  

Footlocker executives

- VICTORIA SQ ART MARKET [Exhibitor] 2015

Feature exhibitor at the Artist Market run by Driller Jet Armstrong

-URPS PLANNERS [Street Art Tour Leader] 2015

Adelaide wide walking art tour with group participation mural at the  

Adelaide Free Wall

- SUGAR NIGHTCLUB  [Resident Artist]1999 – 2015

Feature artist:

Four independent exhibitions and five group shows

Murals on several walls inside the establishment and one on the  


- VILLA77 [Art Installation} 2016

O’Connoll St North Adelaide SA 

- JPE DESIGN ARCHITECTS [Resident Artist] 2016

Artwork created for their ‘Thinking Minds’ annual luncheon, a solo 

exhibition in the offices and collaboration on ideas form 

incorporating graffiti design into architectural concepts

-SCF Containers Internal Corporate Murals 

- BAKMILIM [Art Installation} 2016

Waymouth St ADL SA AU

 - PARALOWIE R12 [Resident Artist] 2014 – 2017

Conducted introductory Aerosol Art courses with students. Painted  

numerous murals throughout the school with students, teachers and  

community centre participants

- ADELAIDE UNIVERSITY UNION [Resident Artist] 2014 – 2019

Live Aerosol Art Demonstrations at student events


-JIVE w/ USA ARTIST BUKUE ONE [Art Installation] 2011